Disclaimer qm4v3gzw Maggio 13, 2022


Unless the Commission requests or agrees otherwise, any communication or publication made by the beneficiaries jointly or individually that relates to the action, including at conferences, seminars or in any information or promotional materials (such as brochures, leaflets, posters, presentations, in electronic form, etc.), must:

  • (a) indicate that the action has received funding from the Union; and
  • (b) display the European Union emblem. When displayed in association with another logo, the European Union emblem must have appropriate prominence.
    The obligation to display the European Union emblem does not confer on the beneficiaries a right of exclusive use. The beneficiaries may not appropriate the European Union emblem or any similar trademark or logo, either by registration or by any other means.
    For the purposes of the first, second and third subparagraphs and under the conditions specified therein, the beneficiaries may use the European Union emblem without first obtaining permission from the Commission.