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Beyond the Emergency. Telecare for Non-Communicable Diseases through Simulation Techniques (BeEmTel) is an Higher Education Erasmus+ Project, which was designed in response to the recent pandemic crisis. The Covid-19 pandemic revealed the weaknesses of the European healthcare systems, and the professional training system, which remains unable to address the important challenge of reforming the way chronic patients are treated and monitored. In this scenario, the new profile of a health and social care professional is expected to include additional advanced skills. In such a demanding and challenging educational environment, the BeEmTel partnership is convinced that there is an urgent need to promote strategies to improve teaching methods in clinical practice, both face-to-face and remote.

Our Partners

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The main objective of the BeEmTel is to create an innovative European curriculum dedicated to telehealth for chronic diseases through educational tools based on remote simulation techniques. Medical simulation, one of the best pedagogical tools for medical education, consists of techniques aimed at reproducing emergency medical situations in a safe teaching/learning environment. Simulation in healthcare promotes and enhances a multidisciplinary and multi-professional approach.  BeEmTel aims to provide innovative training that can be available to students from various disciplines. The introduction of innovative educational methods is one of the main and shared objectives of the higher education e-Course. 


The e-Course is completely free of charge and designed for 250 European participants from the 5 University Partners. The e-Course will be delivered remotely through a dedicated platform managed by UPO in cooperation with Simnova. The duration is 80 hours + 80 hours of practice, reserved for 50 students in the Italian (Simnova) and German (INM-HSC in Munich) simulation centres.

Course duration (160 hours): 15 May 2023 - 15 March 2024

Scientific Director:  Prof. Gianluca Aimaretti 

Project Manager: Dr. Emiliano Loria

Scientific Committee:  Prof. Gianluca Aimaretti, Prof. Francesco Della Corte, Prof. Alberto Dal Molin, Prof. Cristina Meini, Dr. Michela Barisone, Dr. Emiliano Loria

Steering Committee: Prof. Gianluca Aimaretti, Dr. Emiliano Loria, Prof. Francesco Gabbrielli, Prof. Evangelos Fradelos, Prof. Marc Lazarovici, Prof. Cristian Boeriu, Dr. Bogdan Pop, Prof. Snježana Čukljek